Passages Malibu: Alcohol Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Addiction has not a defined circle, and it can happen to anyone through anything. While some people use illicit chemical and get addicted to them, some become addicted to using the prescribed drugs in the just the right amounts and realize their addiction only when it becomes too serious. It does not matter what substance you are addicted to or what led to your addiction, Passages Malibu not only has all the equipment but also the medical staff required to help you gain sobriety from any of the substances:

  • Prescription drugs
  • “Over-the-Counter” drugs
  •  Alcohol
  • Illegal substances


Our Holistic Detox Process

Our detox process at Passages Malibu, the best alcohol rehab center, starts off by first determining out the extent of your addiction, for which a team of nurses use advanced diagnostic methods and determine which holistic therapies would suit your situation. While you are being detoxed, a team of addiction specialists analyze your condition and develop a customized treatment program which is designed especially for you by taking in your strengths and weaknesses. At Passages Malibu we do not restrict or stop you from meeting with your loved ones, and instead, we highly encourage it.

Regardless of all, we believe that the process of rehabilitation should be rewarding if anything and not a punishment. You will be indulged in utmost relaxation, with nurses at your disposal 24/7 to help you feel comfortable and at peace while your body is being detoxified. The personal rehabilitation treatment that is designed for you not only caters to your physical addiction but also takes in your psychological condition so that you are mentally prepared for sobriety – which makes it the best alcohol rehab to get yourself treated.

Most of the rehab centers are known for prescribing toxic and addictive drugs to deal with your addiction, but we believe that all-natural supplements and holistic therapies are the keys. We do not believe in trading one addiction for another and rather emphasize on positivity, holistic treatments, and physical exertion. Passages Malibu has been doing it ever since it was established and that’s the reason it is now known for being the best alcohol rehab.