Before Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss suffered through his addiction just like anyone else, in same cases for longer time than others. He struggled for ten years due to his addiction to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Pax kept his addiction hidden from everyone in his family and in order to do that he not only lied but also stole and cheated. When things became way worse, and Pax realized that he was in severe need of help or else he risked losing everything and everyone in life; he reached out to his father.

By that point in life, Pax had lost many of his friends due to his addiction, and it had gotten apparent to him that the situation was way out of his control. Even though he no longer enjoyed taking the drugs, he could not stop because his body had become addicted and needed chemicals by any means necessary. However, Pax and Chris were determined to find the best alcohol rehab which would finally treat him and put everything behind. They had a long way to go, though.
Pax tried every possible recovery method to get rid of his addiction and realized that the 12-step programs and AA meetings were of no help and rather discouraged him and made him feel helpless by labeling him as an “addict” with a “disease.” This only made him feel shame and humiliation, and this did not help. Though he gained sobriety for some short whiles while using these programs, the guilt would become too much to handle, and he would relapse.

Pax was lucky that he had his father Chris to listen to him and understand what he was going through. They soon realized that the AA meetings and 12-step programs were useless and needed something out of the ordinary and something completely different. The only way Pax could beat his addiction was to take an approach of positivity and self-respect rather than guilt-trips. Hence, they started to search for a rehab treatment with this in mind.
There search led them to achieve a better understanding of addiction and how it is viewed in today’s world. Pax and Chris developed a new form of holistic treatment by merging the Western and Eastern philosophies, which treated both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. Pax finally understood his situation and discovered the four underlying factors of his addiction. This helped him to work past them with just holistic thinking and all-natural medicines. Pax realized that the solution to the problem was within him all that time.

Pax and Chris establish Passages Malibu in 2001, soon after Pax got rid of his addiction, with the aim of helping others with their holistic vision. Every addiction is different from other; hence Passages Malibu develops a customized treatment for each of their clients to cater to their needs in the best possible way. It was not only the very first of its kind in California but also became the best alcohol rehab. With its unique approach and holistic vision, it soon became a trademark, and now Passages Malibu has healed thousands of people and aiming to heal many more each year.

Passages Malibu is the best alcohol rehab you will find and will understand your situation perfectly; it worked out for Pax, and it will work for you too. To learn more about our healing process to get rid of your addiction, give us a call today.