Best Alcohol Rehab at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu, lying in the sunny city of California, is the best alcohol rehab center which provides you with the latest holistic treatments to help you get rid of your drug dependency and gain more control of your life. Passages Malibu rehab center not only offers calming and gorgeous scenic views of sandy coasts but also provides you peace and solitude to get yourself back on track by embarking on a journey of recovery with your private detox unit. Passages Malibu, the best alcohol rehab, is a beautiful architecture spread over a land of 15 acres along the coast.

Passages Malibu has not only been endorsed by many celebrities and renowned people but also ranked as the #1 rehab in the world by the Healthcare global and also voted as one of the most luxurious places for rehab treatment by magazine Forbes. Passages Malibu serves elite clientele by providing them the best of facilities and providing them the utmost respect and privacy. Boating docks, fitness centers, tennis courts, etc. you name it, Passages Malibu offers you with all the special facilities to aid you in getting rid of your old habits and adopt new ones which would help you to make a better life for yourself.

Apart from these amazing facilities at the best alcohol rehab, you will have a team of specialists taking care of you and draft a special treatment program suiting your needs. Instead of attending group sessions and facing embarrassment, you will be set up for one-to-one therapy sessions for 60 hours a month. Our therapists and medical specialists are always ready to help you find yourself, all the while aiding you to achieve sobriety.
It does not matter at which point of life addiction has led you to; our medical experts will not only physically detoxify your body but also help you to attain permanent sobriety and make a new and better life for yourself. Whenever you are ready for a customized and all-natural treatment in the best alcohol rehab, please give us a call without any hesitation.


Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss, Our Founders

There’s no doubt that the Passages Malibu is a true representation of the bond of love and power that exists between a father and son. After Pax confessed to Chris about being addicted to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol, Chris stood by his side to face all the endeavors to come and embarked on the journey of self-realization and sobriety which would eventually bring them even closer. When Pax and Chris realized that the conventional treatments were of no help and didn’t improve Pax’s condition, they went in search of holistic treatments which later led them to establish the best alcohol rehab in California, Passages Malibu, in 2001.

The reason that Passages Malibu stands out among other rehab centers is that it focuses on enabling positivity among their clients rather than labeling them with negative terms, like addicts. Such negative labeling made Pax feel guilt, which just prolonged his suffering. Unlike other places, Passages Malibu has a very encouraging and positive environment which helps you to attain peace and calm within yourself.

Chris and Pax created this haven for anyone who has been a target of such labeling or treated badly in the 12-step programs or whoever faced humiliation in the AA meetings. They have experienced various rehab clinics and seen how they operate, so they understand their shortcomings in a much better way than anyone else. It has helped them to understand the mentality of addiction and how to deal with it.

The drug rehab treatments at Passages Malibu are all-natural and contain no toxic chemicals which makes it the best alcohol rehab you’ll find in town. So, if you’re ready for an amazing life-changing experience to help you get rid of your drug dependency, then have a look at what Chris and Pax have for you at Passages Malibu.